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If you're like most people, promoting your own products and services, or promoting other people's products as an affiliate, then you'd know just how time consuming it can be to market every link you have individually... It's mind-boggling and takes an effort to keep track of your promotions. In fact, sometimes you'll find that you're repeating the same process over and over again.

It's dull, arduous and your time could be better spent with other things... But we must concede that advertising is a must-do activity if you want people to find your web site right?

Well there's a much easier way to promote your programs online! And that is by using a URL rotator.

Why Work The HARD Way When There's A Much Better EASIER
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Promote All Your Websites at once with


The URL rotator is a powerful yet ingenious script that allows you to promote a few or many URLs at once. Here's how it works:

  • You decide on a campaign name and enter it into the script.
  • You check whether you want the URLs cloaked or not. (It's usually a good idea to cloak them to stop commission theft).
  • Then you decide whether you want the frame to display at the top of the page, or the bottom of the page. (When someone who views your page clicks on the Rotator4Pro logo displayed in the frame, it will go directly to your affiliate link -- and could earn you commissions!)
  • You click a button and your URL rotator is instantly created.
  • Next you enter the URL that you wish to promote into the script and it is added automatically. You can add as many URLs as you wish to the script.
  • Then you decide whether you want the hits to this URL limited to a particular number or not. (This is particularly good for ad co-ops or team promotions).
  • Then when you want to promote all the URLs that you added into the rotator, you simply use one URL for all of them!
  • Every time someone visits your rotator link, it will display a different page.

Then keep refreshing the page to see how it works first hand.

The process to setup your first URL rotator takes just a few minutes, and you can see the following at a glance from your member back office area:

  • See which URLs are included in each URL rotator campaign.
  • See how many hits you've received to each URL in the rotator individually.
  • Have the ability to reset the counter for any URL or edit, delete or even pause a URL from the rotation.
  • Click on any URL included in the rotator to see detailed daily statistics.

Who would Rotator4Pro URL rotators suit?

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As you can see, there are so many uses for URL rotators, and they're so quick and easy to setup, you'd be a smart marketer by signing up today. All you need to do is to decide which membership level below suits your needs. Then click the JOIN NOW button and upgrade inside for Pro membership.


Free Membership Benefits
  • 1 Rotator
  • Unlimited URL's per Rotator
  • Add/Edit/Delete URL's
  • Earn $3.00 Monthly for each pro member you refer

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What Our Members Say About

"I could see the enormous benefits that marketers gain by using this system, so I always recommend that our members join Rotator4Pro to take away the 'effort' from their marketing."
-- Eva Browne-Paterson, AutopilotAdvertising

Pro Membership Benefits
  • Unlimited Rotators
  • Unlimited URL's per Rotator
  • Add/Edit/Delete URL's
  • Limit the hits for any URL in rotator
  • Pause/Activate any URL in rotator
  • IP and Date time detailed stats for all the hits for last 7 days
  • Earn $4.00 Monthly for each pro member you refer
  • Receive Random Referrals to earn more commissions & build your downline further!
  • Option to show/hide Top Frame at your rotator
  • Ability to add 2 of your own programs to the viral downline builder that will be promoted down 5 referral levels!

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